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The Great Pyramid at Giza has long been the source of mans curiosity.From present day tourists to a marvel viewed by the ancients it is the last remaining original Wonder of the world.

Think what a wonderful sight this must have been to our ancestors as they crossed the Sahara desert into Egypt and marvelled at the suns rays reflecting off the pyramids 144000 limestone casement stones.

  Ancient monuments aligned to the stars and in the Great Pyramids case lying in the exact geographical centre of the earths land mass.The Great Pyramid is very different to its counterparts as it doesn't display hieroglyphics.Any chambers the Pyramid houses are above ground and its strange granite sarcophagus within the kings chamber are all intriguing to say the  least.


  Pyramidology is the study of obtaining historical data through the measuring and scientific values of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

   At first glance this may seem to be a strange concept but we must find out first what compelled man to undertake this notion and whether or not its scientific properties are relevant and if the theories surrounding them stand up to scrutiny.

flat earth

Timeline Model

Opposite is a Pyramidology model with various measurements and the significance of what they hold.Numerous scholars have verified these distances but how do we know they are of biblical note and can we use the pyramid to predict the future?We hope to help answer these questions,