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President John F Kennedy

The assassination that shook the world.

Who was responsible?



Did we land on the moon?

The tangled web that NASA weaves.



The Freemasons

Are they directing the information we get?




Was the attack on the twin towers an inside job?



Area 51

Have we had visits from other planets?




Did they really live millions of years ago or did man once share the planet with these huge beasts.

Joe Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the second eldest son of Joseph Kennedy an often ruthless businessman who swore that one of his sons would become  president.

By a process of clever financial and political manoeuvring he was able to see that happen.

The pressure on JFK to leave a legacy manifested itself in the forthright way he handled high office.

His often colourful private life does his legacy no favours.

The way that he treated women and his narcissistic personality show a man that would struggle to lose face or back down whatever the cost.

Promising to destroy communism,clean up the trade unions and land a man on the moon were just a few of the ambitious tasks he set himself and the American people.

Little wonder he found himself making as many enemies as he had admirers.

When someone is killed the investigating officers will first look to who had a motive.

In Kennedys case this was no easy task.

More than fifty years after his death JFK remains an  enigmatic figure who represents both the good and bad in all of us.

Apollo 11 crew
Apollo rocket
Lunar print

Did we land on the moon?

We know from our brief study of Kennedy that America in the wake of more advanced Russian technology had made some pretty bold statements about the capabilities of its space programme.

What kind of psychological blow would it have been if the rest of the world had seen them fail in their predictions?

Was the fear of losing face enough for America and Nasa to deceive the world or as many conspiracy theorists state,fake the moon landings.

Kennedy with his brash statement to conquer space certainly didn't allow a get out clause,it was simply failure or success.

Forgetting the many and often believable conspiracy theories surrounding this you have to question the advancement in science that NASA seemed to gain in such a short space of time.

Only a few years earlier the Mercury astronauts had perished whilst still on the launchpad.

Could NASA then really expect us to somehow understand that they got a rocket to do a round trip of 480,000 miles let alone land on the moon.

If we are to fully believe what science tells us about the make up of the Universe then we cannot possibly bend the rules to allow that same moon trip which would have defied many of their teachings.

Does it matter if we landed on the moon or not?

This is a question that lots of people ask,especially at the end of many a long conspiracy debate.

There are lots of reasons why that would be a problem,but if we strip the whole thing down to its basic level it twists the very fibre of the human race.

The Bible says that in the last days there will be many distractions to throw us off course.

The propaganda surrounding the space race is just one of those distractions where we invest too much faith in the word of man and not enough in the word of God.

You find that when you catch someone out in a lie it's rarely the first one they have told.

Wouldn't it make you re-evaluate things if you discovered a lie of such magnitude.

The Bible teaches the earth is flat,not round,square,triangular or any other shape.

The Bible has been proven time and time again that it gives an accurate and truthful account.

Do you think in 2000 years time we will be able to say the same thing about NASA?

The answer is probably not.

NWO flat earth

Is there a new world order?

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New World Order

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